Saturday, 11 May 2013

It's A Bidding War!

Over the past couple of months I have posted a couple of way to "make room" in your closet for your new fabulous finds, from selling in Consignment, to having a Clothes Swap. Today I am going to cover another great way to release your unloved pieces into the world.

You may have noticed on my expenses panel that I have recently sold some clothing on Bidding Wars! A cross between eBay and Craigslist.

So I must say I am a little addicted! Abbotsford Bidding Wars is a "by invite only" group on Facebook and works similar to EBAY, in that you bid on an item and when the auction closes you either win or lose! But like Craigslist, the site is local.

The auctions run for 24 hrs only, and you get two bumps (to move your posting to the top of the  page). It is the sellers responsibility to be mediator, ensuring no bids are accept after the close time, and to contact the winner and arrange "pu" (pick-up).

So other than a couple of "no-shows" (those pesky bidders who just disappear off the side of the earth), I have been quite successful!

Admittedly the "sb's" (starting bids, I am already down with the lingo!) are much lower than, say, EBAY or selling in a consignment store; but selling on Bidding Wars is still more profitable than giving to the local, for profit, thrift store; but more time consuming in terms of tracking your items, contacting sellers and arranging pickups etc..

On the whole a great way to generate money for the pieces you would otherwise donate. Check out your local Bidding Wars and start freeing your fallen out of love finery from your closet!

Here is one of my awesome Bidding Wars purchases: a metal dress form for just $35!


Ginny said...

Cool, I'm part of a similar group in my area. Love this form!

Memos In Stilettos said...

Thanks for stopping by Ginny. Don't you find it a litle adicting. I will pop back over to your blog and follow!

Have a fantastic fashion day!

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